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Limited-Edition Art Print:

Windsurfing WIX in Mat.jpg

My watercolor, "Windsurfing", was one of the more difficult pieces I've painted because of the unique perspective of the birds. I'm accustomed to looking up at them, not down at them with the land or water below. Perspective can be a challenge to capture correctly, and it took me a couple attempts before I got it right.

You don't have to be a painter (or a bird) to have the right perspective.  My art print,  "Windsurfing",  may be enough.  This limited-edition piece is signed and numbered by me and comes matted as shown to fit your 20"x16" frame. 


(plus $10.50 shipping to the contiguous United states)

NC sales tax may apply

Pick up at my studio and save shipping charges!




Note: colors in actual piece may appear slightly different from what you 

see on your screen due to variations in monitors, devices, and browsers.

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