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Limited-Edition Art Print:

Van Gogh wrote, "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."  The sight of the stars makes me dream, too - and paint pieces like  "Star Bright". 


I used an experimental technique to paint this watercolor.  Before I put brush to paper, I wet my paper and patted down a whole piece of plain old gift-bag tissue that I'd wadded up and flattened out. Then I applied a juicy mix of pigment on top of the tissue, which allowed the medium to seep through in varying amounts.  The wrinkles in the tissue created random texture on the watercolor paper under it.  After the paint had "set" but was still moist, I peeled up the tissue, dried  what I'd painted to that point, and continued painting in the usual way.  

"Star Bright" is available in a signed, numbered, limited-edition art print and comes matted in neutral white, ready for your 12x16 frame.


(plus $9.50 shipping to the contiguous United states)

NC sales tax may apply

Pick up at my studio and save shipping charges!

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Note: colors in actual piece may appear slightly different from what you see on your screen due to variations in monitors, devices, and browsers.

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