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My digital collages

My collages take hundreds of hours to create and consist of literally thousands of individually manipulated photographs  placed one at a time onto my digital canvas.  But before I begin the collage, I remove the butterflies, dolphin, fish, or sea shells from their backgrounds so that all I have are the "building blocks" themselves. 

After the photos are prepared, I begin the creative process, which, for me, is essentially "painting" with photos on a blank canvas in Photoshop.  But instead of applying paint with brush strokes, I alter each photo after I've inserted them into my composition.  Alteration includes resizing, coloring, adjusting contrast and brightness, and rotating every element - sometimes as many as 8,000 to 10,000 of them! 

Some of my collages are available on canvas as large as 38"x50" and larger.  Orders for custom sizes are welcome.


The video demonstration will give you an idea of what I do to create one of my collages.  

Digital collages on canvas - 18x24

Digital collages on canvas - 24x18

Digital collages on canvas - 16x16